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Quality Pressure Washing Services in Plano, TX

Xtreme Pressure Washing is your go-to provider of pressure washing in Plano, TX. We use our expertise and top-of-the-line power washer to clean every square inch of your exterior surfaces like your patio, deck, driveway, and building.

Our pressure washer shrugs off the dirt and potentially harmful substances like mold and pollutants, letting the building’s natural beauty shine through. We use a combination of soft washing techniques and gentle water pressure for a deep cleaning unlike any other.

Pressure Washing Plano TX

Our Services

We offer homeowners and commercial property owners affordable services that allow them to keep their properties looking their best.


Our residential services include the following:


Our commercial pressure washing in Plano, TX, includes the following services:

Why Choose Xtreme Pressure Washing

Why choose us for pressure washing in Plano, TX? Here are a few reasons:

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Customer Service

If you want outstanding customer service from a team who truly cares, you’re in the right place. We offer 24-hour service for your convenience and always give you our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you feel unhappy with the results, our team will carry on cleaning.

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We understand that you rely on us to achieve consistent results without causing any damage. That’s why we use expert techniques, the best gear, and biodegradable cleaning agents to deliver the cleaning you expect every time.

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We respect you by sticking to our schedule. Your time is as valuable to us as it is to you, so we are never late.

Benefits of Pressure Washing in Plano, TX

Should you invest in pressure washing in Plano, TX, and if so, why? This professional service offers many benefits.

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Increases Property Value

Perceptions count for a lot when it comes to property values. If you have two buildings with similar amenities, it’s looks that truly set them apart. People are generally willing to pay more for a neat and clean property because it looks move-in ready. 

By contrast, they are more hesitant to pay full price for a property they feel is neglected. Seeing dirt or signs of mold might think that you were a little slipshod with maintenance. They are also likely to overestimate the cost of cleaning, meaning that if they do make an offer, it is significantly lower than it should be. 

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Protect It From Damage

Dirt does more than affect the aesthetic appeal of the place; it can also contain elements that damage the surface. For example, mold spores might blow in on the wind, or pollutants may contain caustic chemicals that eat into the finish. 

Furthermore, dirt can conceal a range of issues that you should deal with urgently. For example, it could hide a hole in the weatherproofing or hairline cracks that allow water to seep through. Cleaning off the grime makes it easier to perform timely maintenance. 

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Saves Time and Money

You can conceivably clean your building yourself, but is it practical to do so? You have to buy the equipment, risk climbing a ladder with sudsy water, and then find somewhere to store the gear. Hiring professionals saves you time and money without putting you at risk.

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Create a Healthier Environment

More and more people today suffer from allergies. Whether it is because of the numerous different chemicals and other allergens present, we live in closer proximity, or we’re simply more aware of them, allergies are a real worry. Rinsing away allergens keeps building inhabitants safer. 

Deep cleaning also eradicates mold and mildew, which can also trigger respiratory ailments.

About Plano, TX

With 285,494 residents, Plano is one of the main cities making up the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. While it’s a thoroughly modern city, some older buildings add to its character. Heritage Farmstead, built in 1891, was once a working farm but now acts as an example of how people lived 100 years ago. 

The Interurban Railway Museum pays tribute to the mode of transport that put Plano on the map, but there’s an even more memorable place to visit for soap opera fans. Southfork Ranch, made famous by the series, Dallas, is nearby. 

If you prefer a little retail therapy, Shops at Legacy is an ideal destination. You can visit Baccus Plaza on the site to see the famous statues by Robert Summers or to visit the oldest marked grave in town.

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Our team at Xtreme Pressure Washing delivers professional results every time. Our fully licensed and insured technicians deliver our highly-rated services flawlessly. Call us at (469) 734-8520 for your free estimate or to schedule your pressure washing in Plano, TX. 

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