Fence Cleaning Mckinney, TX

Premier Fence Cleaning Services in Mckinney, TX

Xtreme Pressure Washing serves McKinney, Plano, Dallas, Frisco, and surrounding areas in Texas.

Working with unlicensed crews offering fence cleaning in McKinney, TX, has caused homeowners and real estate investors to spend thousands of dollars to cover repair and remodeling costs. Experienced professionals know to use eco-friendly stain removers and cleaning chemicals to make fences look brand-new again.

At Xtreme Pressure Washing, our technicians have decades of combined experience cleaning all kinds of fences for residents and business owners in McKinney and beyond.

Whether you want your entire fence clean and presentable before listing your home for sale or want to rid a vacation home of its seasonal stains, we are the business to call. We help clients save time and money by detecting structural problems on a wooden fence before they worsen and working with care to restore them.

Fence Cleaning Mckinney

Why Hire Professionals for Fence Cleaning in McKinney, TX?

Fence cleaning is more complex than people realize, and its benefits are far-reaching. Fences are capable of affecting the property values of an entire neighborhood.

Brick and metal fences with traces of vandalism are likely to incite more bad actors to paint over tags and profane drawings, leading to decreased home resale prices. Fences that look dilapidated and poorly maintained are also more likely to become targets for vandals.

Your fences are often the first fixture your friends and family see before entering your home, and they are often the deciding factor between a good or bad first impression. Fences and gates that look unhygienic can promote bad moods and mental distress, especially if you’re already living in an area with various sources of pollutants. Carbon and algae can cause a metal or wood fence to discolor and blacken, which could tempt homeowners to use a pressure washer to save time removing them.

Xtreme Pressure Washing technicians use soft-cleaning techniques to make fences look brand-new again, as using a power washer often leads to dents and chips that invite fungal growth. We source our cleaning substances from EPA-registered companies that provide us with CDC-approved mixtures capable of removing old gum and pollutant stains without harming nearby plant and animal life.

Our cleaning process involves four steps:

  1. We will identify the sources of your fence stains and recommend ways to remove them.
  2. Our technicians will utilize cleaning chemicals to kill mildew and mold colonies and prevent them from respawning.
  3. We will eliminate water stains from high mineral and iron content.

Fence cleaning in McKinney, TX, involves a post-job visual inspection that alerts our customers of structural challenges that might cause their fence to corrode or fall over in a few years. Our technicians are experts at detecting structural and cosmetic flaws, earning five-star reviews from a growing base of satisfied clients.

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